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A concise title for this.

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The order priority this catalogue category will be given, relative to other catalogue categories.
Contract: Entry expiry (optional) Entry expiry (optional)
The target category where catalogue entries are moved to when they expire. If no category is selected here then no expiry will take place. The target category is usually analogous to an ‘archive’ category. Choose your selection by clicking the label (you will see it get highlighted). If there are additional catalogue categories available underneath a catalogue category then there will be a clickable ‘plus’ icon shown to the left of it.
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The number of days before a catalogue entry in this category will be expired. Once expired, it will be moved to the target category. If there is no defined target (archiving) category, no expiry will take place.
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This is as for the expiry-time, except it is a separate time (usually, a longer time) that is applied against catalogue entries submitted by members with ‘longer expiry-time’ permission.
These keywords will be provided for search-engines indexing this content, and also will be used as Web 2.0-style tags.
This description will be provided for search-engines indexing this content.
Contract: Permissions Permissions

Here you can set view access and privileges for this resource. The default privileges for this type of content will be used unless you override them (choosing a preset from the list will allow that).

Four override-presets are provided to save you time, but they are just a starting point.

Usergroup Presets View access Have the longer expiry-time for catalogue entries Add catalogue entry Bypass catalogue entry validation Edit own catalogue entry Edit catalogue entry Delete own catalogue entry Delete catalogue entry




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