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cns_emoticons/dry Preview 50
newbie Question
superduper 6 19k N/A
Preview 91 jeromef1 7 19k N/A
Preview 388
how to add a social media icons section at the header
praveenrdesigner 3 14k N/A
Preview 376
Composr tool for Image Slider
praveenrdesigner 2 14k N/A
Preview 292
Get a design and HTML+CSS for your composr theme for limited period
praveenrdesigner 4 15k N/A
Preview 356 ironfeather 3 15k N/A
Preview 359
information & question
ironfeather 2 15k N/A
Preview 209 cupper3 2 17k N/A
cns_emoticons/constipated Preview 330
A semi tutorial for the site.
lg11 20 15k N/A
Preview 336
Theme change questions?
praveenrdesigner 4 15k N/A
Preview 331
where do you add the code for using google fonts?
lg11 6 15k N/A
cns_emoticons/shake Preview 321 lg11 7 15k N/A
Preview 319
display nothing if no news rather than a message saying that
ironfeather 1 15k N/A
Preview 298 ironfeather 7 15k N/A
Preview 77
Deleted stock banner now none show
richardf 5 19k N/A
Preview 284 kitonline 2 15k N/A
Preview 188 SoccerDad 2 17k N/A
Preview 225
What is the spellcheck function supposed to accomplish
bobmiers 10 17k N/A
Preview 212
Shopping cart package which includes membership into one or more Club(s) and may also include a monthly fee for some of the clubs.
kmw 1 17k N/A
Preview 207 kmw 1 17k N/A
Preview 184
Trying to find a way to purge point totals/leaderboards
jwortley 3 17k N/A
Preview 166 psc996 7 18k N/A
Preview 142
Here's a simple tutorial on how to use the main_countdown block on entry screens for calendar events.
Patrick Schmalstig 1 18k N/A
Preview 122 Malatesa 5 18k N/A
Preview 123 Malatesa 1 18k N/A
Preview 109
In this tutorial, I'll explain how you can implement a few hooks and template changes to make installing fonts on Composr (Comcode and WYSIWYG editor) much easier
Patrick Schmalstig 1 19k N/A
Preview 81
Temporary solution for Responsive
Alan 1 19k N/A
Preview 76
Changed seed color but no love
richardf 2 19k N/A
Preview 66
This tutorial fudge will show you how you can incorporate global messages to show on the top of every page for everyone. An example would be a notice that you're taking the site down at X time for maintenance.
Patrick Schmalstig 1 19k N/A
Preview 64
If you would like special formatted moderator messages which would separate staff messages from general messages posted in forums and other places, this tutorial is for you.
Patrick Schmalstig 1 19k N/A


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