Dutch translation

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15th June 2018
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Dutch translation

Item has a rating of 5

Added 15th June 2018

I made a start for the Dutch language of Compo.sr
I know that is not 100% complete, but for a start of your website it is good enough. 

I will keep update this files, so keep an eye on it.
If you have questions, use the Compo.sr-forum and i will help you.
If you see any mistakes, then let me know so i can change it.
  1. Update 16 december Today i upload V1.7 a lot of changes and new strings translated.
New version is available for download  :cool:
Today i upload a new version 1.5 with a lot of new translated string. Frontend is for 60 % complete.

NL: Vandaag een nieuwe versie geupload. 1.5 met veel aanpassingen. Op de adminzone na, is de site nu voor 60% vertaald ongeveer.
Hello, and goodmorning my Compo.sr-friends.

I see the translation is alredy download 200+ times. It is good to see that the Dutch people come to compo.sr.
For me, a good reason to work on this project.

Today i upload a new version of the dutch translation. (1.6)
I fix some mistakes in the old one, and add a lot of new translations.

Please keep in mind, it is still not finished, but for a live site it is good enough  :cool:
I am still busy with this, so follow this topic, and update your file when i uplad a new download.

Questions? Ask please
Hi my friends!

Today i upload 1.7 after a while.

This will fix a lot of mistakes i made in a release before (1.6)
I fix also the time-display and poll page.


When you have some questions, or complaints? Let me know.
I will always answer. If there are some changes, i will fix this in a next release.
For now, i start with the galleries. This will be finish in the next release. (1.8)

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