PHP 7.2 support

PHP 7.2 support

14th December 2017, 8:19 pm

Information on Composr compatibility with PHP 7.2.

How do I use the patch file to fix bug on my website?
Pretty sure these fixes are in the latest release, so if you've updated you will have them. I install hotfixes by downloading and extracting them, then uploading them to my website via ftp.
Hi Chris,

version: 9.0.41, PHP version: 7.2.7

I have recently upgraded my V9 to the above PHP version and are experiencing problems. In my case, download items that have not been validated produce an error. It seems I can resolve the issue by manually setting the 'Validated' entry in the db to 1, accessing it then resetting it to 0.

There may be other issues but I haven't come across them yet.

Will the above mentioned FIX work on my old V9?

Hi Nick,

Definitely don't apply a v10 patch to a v9 site.

I have been unofficially maintaining a v9 branch with the most urgent fixes to maintain sites stuck on that version for whatever reason. This is a side effect of support work for some customers.

Commits · chrisgraham/ocPortal · GitHub. Any commits since March this year.

If you tell me an error message I might be able to advise further.
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