Before you may join you must acknowledge our anti-spam measures and agree to our rules. Read through, then at the bottom sign off and & proceed.

Anti-spam measures

We have a number of very effective measures in place to eliminate spam. If you are only considering joining to post spam links, consider how costly and ineffective it will be:

  • We block links by default in member profiles, so stealth outbound links will not be effective
  • Any link you have will be rel=nofollow, so will not help SEO at all
  • Banned spammer accounts are reporting automatically to StopForumSpam, which will ban your IP address across many online forums
  • We will contact the owner of any site spammers have been linking to, to warn them what disreputable companies have been doing in their name
  • Spam posts are always deleted in under a day, so very few people will ever see them
  • Suspicious new accounts are automatically shadow-banned with high accuracy, until manually approved
  • You'll still need to solve CAPTCHAs for a while after joining, and bots will be effectively detected and publicly reported in multiple ways (Project HoneyPot, blackholes, ...)

It's very clear to us who is and is not a spammer, so don't worry at all if you are not. If you are a spammer and this site is on a list of high-profile sites you're paid to spam, get that list adjusted as it is working against you.


Welcome to the Composr community. We are an open community of Composr CMS users & developers, and aim to be welcoming to all.

Please follow these simple rules…

  1. No profanity (swearing) or sexualised language. Some people will be offended by it, and the forums are designed to be a comfortable environment for everybody.
  2. No violent/sexual/bigoted content. This website is not a free speech platform, it's a community. Do not paste public links to said content without clear warning about it.
  3. Stay polite and don't intimidate. If someone is not being polite, report the post, don't escalate the situation.
  4. Do not spoil the experience of others for your own petty reasons.

Rules for quality content:
  1. Do not double post.
  2. Do not 'bump' content unless at least full 5 days have passed since you posted it. If you need to find a quick response, try and get one in the chat room.
  3. Do not post spam. You may advertise your own Composr website and Composr-related services in a restrained way, but you may not advertise non-related products or services.
  4. Keep topics on-topic. Do not post "laundry lists" of unrelated questions in a single topic (even if it's your own topic), do not hijack other people's topics for unrelated discussion.
  5. Either write in clear English that is easy to understand, or post in your native language (we have automatic translation).
  6. Try and post in the most appropriate forum. You may have discussions completely unrelated to Composr, but only in the General Chat forum.

The obvious:
  1. Do not try and impersonate anybody else.
  2. Do not try and hack anybody, or spread viruses.
  3. Do not intentionally undermine the privacy of other users, e.g. doxxing.
  4. Do not do any kind of illegal activity, such as promoting illicit drug use, grooming children, or any kind of criminal incitement.

Regarding moderation:
  • These rules may be enforced at the discretion of the moderators, with whatever punitive actions considered appropriate (warnings, post deletions, post edits, closing topics, bans, etc).
  • Moderators also have the right to intercede for any reason if they feel it is important to maintain a quality experience for the users.
  • Moderators have the ability to read private content, such as private topics and inline personal posts.

  1. It is user's own responsibility to scan content for viruses, etc.
  2. Any user breaking intellectual property laws is personally liable for it.
  3. No warranties are provided.


Acceptance of these rules implies acceptance of the privacy policy (which includes details of how this website uses cookies).

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