Community stars

Each time you are give points in our community, you are assigned a role in relation to the points you receive:

  • Helpful soul – For those who are generally helpful
  • Support expert – For those who help give out technical support
  • Programming god – For those who are great addon coders, or coding advice
  • Themeing genius – For those that put out great themes, or themeing advice
  • Community ambassador – For those that work inside and outside our community to strengthen us all
  • Translator saviour – For those that work on translations

This page honours the top 'stars' for each of these 5 roles. That means:

  • If you show up here then it's something really special, and worth putting on your CV/Résumé.
  • If you've received a lot of help, and the people have put PayPal donation details in their bio, consider donating.

Helpful soul

Avatar Details Bio
Avatar Username : Chris Graham
Role Points : 1,636
Rank : Administrators
Avatar Username : Adam
Role Points : 1,000
Rank : Super-moderators
Formerly known as KingBast, I've decided to switch to my first name
Avatar Username : Patrick Schmalstig
Role Points : 500
Rank : Administrators
Hello! I'm Patrick Schmalstig, junior PHP developer for ocProducts. I've used Composr CMS / ocPortal for my website needs since 2011 and immensely enjoy its functionality and security. As of late April 2016, I now work for ocProducts as well as do a little freelance work of my own.
Avatar Username : Malatesa
Role Points : 250
Rank : Well-settled
Avatar Username : Joey
Role Points : 250
Rank : Honoured member
Avatar Username : Jason Verhagen
Role Points : 56
Rank : Community saint
Avatar Username : Finncat
Role Points : 50
Rank : Fan in action
Avatar Username : vynum
Role Points : 20
Rank : Well-settled
Avatar Username : Paul Flavel
Role Points : 11
Rank : Honoured member
Avatar Username : TestSupportAccount
Role Points : 10
Rank : Fan in action

Support expert

Avatar Details Bio
Avatar Username : Chris Graham
Role Points : 1,011
Rank : Administrators

Programming god

Avatar Details Bio
Avatar Username : Chris Graham
Role Points : 5,225
Rank : Administrators

Themeing genius

Avatar Details Bio
Username : ManojSree
Role Points : 300
Rank : Community saint
Avatar Username : Paul Flavel
Role Points : 50
Rank : Honoured member
Avatar Username : SoccerDad
Role Points : 5
Rank : Community saint

Community ambassador

Avatar Details Bio
Avatar Username : jacobgkau
Role Points : 200
Rank : Well-settled
I run a Composr-powered website called Nerd on the Street, which promotes free & open software.
Avatar Username : Chris Graham
Role Points : 25
Rank : Administrators

Translator saviour

Nobody yet – could you be here?

Special mentions for ocProducts staff

Over a dozen developers have contributed to Composr CMS in an official capacity. However, much of the early development for ocPortal (the precursor to Composr CMS) was done through donated time from the original development team. Key contributors include:

Photo of Chris Graham Name : Chris Graham
CEO, ocProducts

  • Original developer of ocPortal, continuing lead developer of Composr CMS
  • Masters degree in Computer Science from The University Of Sheffield
  • Undertaken work for over 15 FTSE-100 companies, as well as many small and mid-sized organisations. Includes a number of banks and major brands.
Photo of Robert Goacher Name : Robert Goacher
Company secretary
  • Ran some of the early websites where ocPortal came from
  • Technically the original developer of ocPortal, in that he wrote the first few lines of code
  • Heavily involved in the feature design process
  • Hosted some of our early meet-ups
Photo of Allen Ellis Name : Allen Ellis
Design/marketing (former)
  • Original designer for ocPortal
  • Also conceived and coded the Theme Wizard and Point Store
  • Son of one of the early inventors of Internet protocols (Usenet, aka Internet newsgroups)
  • Token non-brit
Name : Philip Withnall
Development (former)
  • Coded the chatroom, blogging support, the analytics system, and OcCLE (now Commandr)
  • Masters Degree in Computer Science degree from The University Of Cambridge
  • Other work has included helping out with Firefox, and ongoing work on GNOME

p.s. We all look a lot older now. The above pictures come from our team photoshoot, circa-2007.

We'd also like to thank:

  • Steve Jarvis (former project manager for ocProducts, written many tutorials via Arvixe)
  • Haydn Maidment (former project manager for ocProducts)
  • Chris Warburton (former developer for ocProducts, made some key contributions to ocPortal)
  • Jim Davidson (written many tutorials via Arvixe)
  • Arvixe hosting (sponsorship of Composr CMS tutorials)
  • All 20 or so former and current developers and managers for ocProducts
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