Composr vision: Accessibility, Web standards, Flexibility, Inclusivity, User Experience, Integration, Mature Engineering, Transparency, Community, Open Source, Customisability, Cloud, Mobile, Social Media

"With Composr, we are committed to using our experience and talents to keep the web open, to empower teams to build sophisticated sites with elegance and efficiency, and to carry the web forward with the highest of standards."

Composr Manifesto

Composr isn't just thrown together on a whim. It is developed to a very particular vision, which we describe below in the 10 point manifesto:

  • Enter richness. A Composr website should excel at more than just article publishing: nobody should have to rely on non-standard addons to achieve common website functionality. Conversely, features must be easily justifiable and software bloat avoided.
  • For everybody. Key features should be designed for users not developers.
    Developers should also be supported in achieving their optimal productivity.
  • Of the web. A CMS should embody and reflect web standards: it is a tool for building for the mechanisms we define in our standards; standards and tools are other sides of the same coin. We will also support other initatives to keep the web open, free, and democratic.
  • With harmony. Everything should fit together smoothly, into a tidy streamlined model:
    From the features running through the software, to the clean design of the Composr website.
  • Unencumbered. Composr should remain Open Source software, free to download, install, and modify.
    Openness fosters innovation throughout all the corners of society.
  • Bring a smile. Everything should be as documented and user-friendly as possible – any area where this can't be achieved by the core developers should be crowd-sourced.
  • For the world. Composr is here to empower everyone, from casual users, to programmers, to web managers.
    People in every country of the world.
  • Of the people. Composr users should be encouraged to give back to the Composr project in what ways they can, to ensure Composr continues to push forward unencumbered by external influences – and contributors should be given the credit they deserve for the efforts they put in.
  • Play true and fair. Composr development should not be guided by short-term fads, or reinventions of the wheel. Composr should not be biased in its affiliation with third-party companies.
  • Strong but malleable. Everything in the Composr ecosystem should be done to high standards, and fully flexible and customisable.

Standards & accessibility

One key factor we emphasise is the growing importance of accessibility on the Internet. For the web to progress, we all (website developers) share the obligation to build semantically-correct websites. This essential consideration ensures that innovative new software can interact with websites in clever ways, and that everyone-including paralysed and blind users, can fully participate on the web.

Sadly, widespread support is largely lacking within the CMS industry. Composr, contrast currently conforms to dozens of strict standards — something for which we are very proud.

Composr security model (click link for larger image)


Finally we are very vigilant about solid security and employ layers of security throughout our development process to ensure that the only person making changes to your website is you. Click the icon to the left to the learn more.

We're reaching out for Community Partnerships

  1. Designers/developers: create and sell niche addons and themes for Composr, or do Composr projects for clients.
  2. Publishers: work with us to get Composr books onto book-store shelves.
  3. Consultants: recommend our software and services and earn referral rewards for it. Established consultants can apply to be a regional representative.
  4. Trainers: train teams and run seminars on Composr, and receive free advertising on our site.
  5. Individuals: join our active community and get involved.

Composr's history – the highlights of our major versions over the years:

March 2004
A Forum-Friendly CMS trailblazer
October 2005
Standalone social networking system
August 2008
Continued improvements in our UI/UX
March 2011
Big performance improvements
May 2011
Interactive CSS editing, theme UX
August 2012
Big theme design improvements
August 2004
The whole new CMS framework, and MVC
July 2006
AJAX arrived, major system overhaul
July 2010
Continued improvements in our UI/UX
April 2011
Interactive CSS editing, themeing UX
March 2012
Many major features upgraded
January 2016
Platform overhaul, ocPortal now Composr
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