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Wondering if you can help…

I am trying to setup a new site, and every time I try to edit and then save a panel on the portal (or anywhere) I push "save" and then I get "File not found"   My server goes into a panic mode and has to reset itself… and nothing is saved…

I logs show an error but I have no idea??? (and I a little bit dubious about post the error of the log here in public view as it shows full paths and stuff...

The first log error shows a 404... then the 2nd error when the server is resetting there is no error code?
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This is a little tricky to respond to, because of the server 'panic mode'. I can't really speak to that, I'd need to be logged in as root on the server monitoring exactly what is happening with respect to CPU, memory usage, I/O load, etc.  For now I am going to put this to one side and assume it's not Composr because it shouldn't be possible for Composr to take down a server except in extreme circumstances, there are per-request limits on execution time and memory usage.

Now, onto the 404 errors…

Likely this is actually ModSecurity. ModSecurity gives out various different status codes depending on how it is configured. Sometimes a 404 so to the user it looks like it's just an unexpected server error, rather than catching them as a 'hacker'. It is picking up on the HTML code being submitted within the panel (even if you didn't enter any manually, just using WYSIWYG would produce HTML code).
We do have a tutorial on ModSecurity:
Composr Supplementary: ModSecurity - Composr

We have workarounds to ModSecurity, and upon testing I can see it's not coded correctly for the Zone Editor.
I've fixed it here:
Fix ModSecurity workaround for zone editor · ocproducts/composr@f5f2abc · GitHub

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