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How to edit File/Media Library

Hi all,

I'm about to edit this table in file/media library for another member (not admin).
Can i greyout the description so only admin can edit it?
And how can i edit the link column text for another column like link clumn?


thank you <3
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You can't specifically restrict editing. However, you can only edit your own files unless you have a particular privilege.

I actually ran some tests and found the UI was really messy here. It properly enforces the permissions, but it doesn't work well. I've made a number of fixes in a hot-fix attached to this issue:
0003746: Various file/media library fixes, mostly relating to permissions - Composr CMS feature tracker

As for adding a column, the cms/pages/modules/filedump.php file would need to be edited – the table is built-up in code in here.

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