Activity Feed Duplication post upgrade (10.0.26)


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Hey All!

Update 01: I haven't tested all content entries as of yet, but this issue appears only in news and gallery entry (tested with URL to uTube vid).

Just wanted to check-in and see if anyone else is experiencing duplicate entries begin inserted into the activities table. This begin immediately after upgrade from 10.0.25 → 10.0.26.

I've made some modifications to the activities system and templates and wanna see if that is where the problem lay.

First entry is pre-upgrade, duplicate post upgrade.


Screenshot from 2019-05-17 08-39-29.png

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Thanks for the very clear screenshot there.

That said, I can't reproduce and all I can think is perhaps your cms/pages/modules/cms_news.php file is corrupt.

The activities are sent via a syndicate_described_activity call. There's one in add_actualisation in this file, and one in edit_actualisation. It is possible (but unlikely) that a line duplicated if a file was corrupted somehow.

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