Composr V11 will be

Better then V10
The same like V10
Worser then V10
I don't know (offcourse you dont know)


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Someone already instal it?

Hi guys,

As you can see on Github there is already a V11 version.
Its never smart to use it on a live site, but testing is always good!

So, is there already someone who install this on his/her server and have a demo so we can look?

For the rest, what do you expect from V11 ?

I hope, and only hope because for me V10 is neafly perfect, but ..

I hope the theme in V11 is a little bit more flat (forget the gradients, and rounded corners
Also for mobile i hope it is a bit more mobilefriendly. For now it works perfect, but some part have a strange position wich can be better in my opinion.

So, if its allowed i like to make from this topic a "Discuss the V11 topic"topic :cool:
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It's a heavy work in progress. A lot has changed, but also there's a new default theme Salman is currently in the process of merging in.

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