infrastructure problems (now solved) infrastructure problems (now solved)

20th February 2019, 11:10 pm

An explanation for some recent instability on

An update on this issue. We did have some more minor performance issues after this post, which seem now to be fully solved. We were getting constant attempts to hack the server by bots (at the system level, not the Composr level), and have auto-banned 707 in the last 36 hours. This was hurting performance. I won't go into detail here - I learned a lot going through and tracking down this, and I can say our performance tutorial (which I kept adding what I learned to) is now probably one of the best Linux performance tuning resources out there (I haven't pushed the latest version live yet). Our site is super-snappy now, as it should be with Composr.
A major improvement, thanx for the fix and update!
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