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Summary0001079: Cascaded form inputter driven by catalogue references
DescriptionLet's say I have a list of venue names in one catalogue (as entries), and a list of countries in another catalogue (as entries), and when I add an entry for a new venue, I use a 'referenced' entry to specify the country that that venue is in.

Then, let's say I have a further catalogue that specifies specific events. I create the catalogue with reference fields to both the 'countries' and the 'venues' catalogues. When I add a new event, I can select a 'country', then the 'venues' list would automatically filter itself to only display the venues that are in the country I've selected (and it knows this because I've already referenced the entries in their own catalogues).

Basically, it will allow people to filter form options as they go, making it easier to add things if there are a lot of entries lower down the hierarchy. (i.e. if I have 5,000 venues across the world, narrowing them first by country would make adding them much easier)
Additional InformationThis goes against database normalisation rules, but catalogues are not quite databases.


This builds on "Cascaded form inputter", but needs to read through catalogue entry relationships, and be able to run on whatever field selection inputs are used for entry selection.
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