Released 2020-06-10
0004266: [core] Theme-images page tool may hit query limit on dev mode (Chris Graham)
0004265: [ecommerce] Error preparing a ccbill transaction (Chris Graham)
0004262: [core_zone_editor] Various problems with Zone Editor (Chris Graham)
0004260: [core] Improve contrast (Chris Graham)
0004259: [calendar] Fix realtime rain calendar display on newer PHP versions (Chris Graham)
0004258: [realtime_rain] Realtime rain status window misaligned on fixed width (Chris Graham)
0004257: [core_themeing] Tempcode tester screen ugly on new Chrome/Edge (Chris Graham)
0004256: [core] Critical error for invalid monikers (Chris Graham)
0004255: [core] Tolerate stopforumspam errors (Chris Graham)
0004250: [core_notifications] Failure finishing sending notifications on some server/Composr configurations (Chris Graham)
0004249: [chat] Do not mark self-member as having left the chatroom very late (Chris Graham)
0004248: [core] Various URL moniker fixes (Chris Graham)
0004247: [core_rich_media] Multiple YouTube videos may not play (Chris Graham)
0004246: [core] JavaScript in AJAX requests not working (Chris Graham)
0004244: [core] Clarify what explicit_allow option to main_comments block is (Chris Graham)
0003288: [core_database_drivers] Major overhaul of fulltext search support, the "Composr fast custom index" (Chris Graham)
0004237: [core] Title search wrongly includes metadata search (Chris Graham)
0004236: [cns_forum] Starter filter not working for private topic search (Chris Graham)
0004235: [import] Possible PHP 7.3 fixes (Chris Graham)
0004232: [core_cns] Filtercode on member CPF field_xxx syntax not working (Chris Graham)
0004231: [core_abstract_interfaces] Better protect against bots going deep into member list (Chris Graham)
0004230: [core_cns] Block help for main_members is very confusing (Chris Graham)
0004229: [commandr] Commandr should not have a dependency on the Import addon (Chris Graham)
0004226: [core_rich_media] Anomalous whitespace may throw off Comcode list tag (Chris Graham)
0004228: [core] get_value does not support defaults for elective values (Chris Graham)
0004223: [core_cns] Fix confusion around password requirements (Chris Graham)
0004221: [core] Delete ticket/messaging forums when addons removed (Chris Graham)
0004219: [core_cns] Usergroup screen should not mention ranks if none (Chris Graham)
0004218: [core_cns] Small performance optimisation and potential loop fixer (Chris Graham)
0004206: [core_cns] Support for sending an e-mail when you add a member manually (Chris Graham)
0004216: [core_form_interfaces] Form field sections may not auto-hide correctly (Chris Graham)
0004214: [core] Allow AWARDS parameter to be non-passed to SCREEN_TITLE template (Chris Graham)
0004213: [newsletter] Missing parameter message when looking for bounced newsletters (Chris Graham)
0004210: [newsletter] Inaccuracies in unsubscribe links for member-targeted newsletters & welcome e-mails (Chris Graham)
0004204: [core] Various problems with welcome e-mails (Chris Graham)
0004207: [forum_blocks] Forum blocks not working with comma-delimited forum names (Chris Graham)
0004203: [cns_forum] Unnecessary attached error message when deleting posts from certain topic URLs (Chris Graham)
0004201: [wiki] WIKI_DELETE_PAGE action log logged incorrectly for multi-lang-content sites (Chris Graham)
0004200: [filedump] Invalid URLs for some File/Media library files (Chris Graham)
0004199: [core_adminzone_dashboard] Incorrect SITE_WATCHLIST logging (Chris Graham)
0004197: [core] Page-access errors showing as critical errors (Chris Graham)
0004196: [core_cns] Problems exporting members when certain usergroup subscriptions exist (etc) (Chris Graham)
0004195: [core] Member export to HTML file (from excel_support addon) is ugly (Chris Graham)
0004194: [core] Double-post detection should not work for CLI-activated code (Chris Graham)
0004192: [filedump] File/Media Library not transferring files fully in WebDav (Chris Graham)
0004189: [content_privacy] Error sending notifications for content with privacy set to friends-only (Chris Graham)
0004188: [core] Pointless icons in CMS zone (Chris Graham)
0004187: [core] Problem with automatic ban notifications (Chris Graham)
0004186: [setupwizard] side_cns_private_topics block missing from Setup Wizard (Chris Graham)
0004184: [core] Adjust upload limit links point to wrong config page (Chris Graham)
0004183: [core] Bugs in lang_code_to_default_content and lang_code_to_static_content functions (Chris Graham)
0004182: [core] Cannot do Selectcode for Comcode pages in main_multi_content block (Chris Graham)
0004180: [galleries] Fix incorrect default thumbnail for videos (Chris Graham)
0004179: [galleries] Deletion options missing from gallery media forms (Chris Graham)
0004178: [commandr] Some Commandr documentation incorrectly defined (Chris Graham)
0004177: [commandr] Resource-fs problem for very-long labels (Chris Graham)
0004176: [core_cns] Incorrect member profile links e-mailed (Chris Graham)
0004174: [import] Issue importing HTML sites with hidden files (Chris Graham)
0004135: [core_cns] Inconsistencies applying forum permissions (Chris Graham)
0004158: [banners] Banner type box shows incorrect banner count (Chris Graham)
0004157: [core_cns] XSS if showing topics via main_multi_content block (Chris Graham)
0004156: [core] Topics not showing on Sitemap for non-admins (Chris Graham)
0004148: [core_permission_management] Submit mid-impact (medium visibility) content (Chris Graham)
0004155: [search] Error accessing search form for search hooks with no search ability (Chris Graham)
0004154: [core_cns] Error editing posts when cns_forum not installed (Chris Graham)
0004153: [core] Incorrect file write errors on race condition (Chris Graham)
0004139: [quizzes] Quiz question numbering doesn't look good for 10 or more questions (Chris Graham)
0004138: [core] XML Sitemap changes should sync faster (Chris Graham)
0004137: [core_rich_media] HTML with quotes in may result in corrupted Comcode (Chris Graham)
0004136: [core] Problem in vertical text generation (Chris Graham)
0004134: [core_cns] Layout issue on whisper choice screen (Chris Graham)
0004133: [cns_warnings] Issues with silencing when warning members (Chris Graham)
0004131: [core_notifications] Error about missing language string for top_notifications block (Chris Graham)
0004130: [core_cns] New post notifications should link to member profile / IP lookup screen (Chris Graham)
0004126: [newsletter] Newsletter drip send (Cron) should only delete from send queue if send worked (Chris Graham)
0004125: [core] Google is giving out errors for our markup (Chris Graham)
0004124: [core_rich_media] Error adding video attachment with width but no height (Chris Graham)
0004123: [cns_warnings] Lookup spam domain IP addresses on warn/punish form (Chris Graham)
0004122: [core] DNS lookup code broken (Chris Graham)
0004120: [cns_warnings] Incorrect link to investigate user when warning member (Chris Graham)
0004119: [cns_forum] Give message if linked post deleted (Chris Graham)
0004118: [cns_forum] Error showing a topic from a threaded view, in non-threaded view (Chris Graham)
0004117: [core] Do not try to show nice errors during bootstrap (Chris Graham)
0004109: [core] Infinite URL combinations due to redirects (Chris Graham)
0004108: [syndication] OPML RSS links should be less explicit (Chris Graham)
0004107: [captcha] Audio CAPTCHA link should not be followed by bots (Chris Graham)
0004106: [core] Issues in Sitemap consistency (Chris Graham)
0004102: [core] Support CPF_VALUE returning rendered fields (Chris Graham)
0004099: [newsletter] Missing parameters to main_newsletter_signup block template (special case) (Chris Graham)
0004098: [cns_forum] Missing template parameters to forum templates (Chris Graham)
0004096: [core_feedback_features] Issue with comment previewing (Chris Graham)
0004092: [points] Leader board archive may jumble about (Chris Graham)
0004088: [catalogues] Missing template preview parameters (Chris Graham)
0004086: [cns_forum] Problem moving 100+ forum topics at once (Chris Graham)
0004085: [core] InfoZip detection assumes Linux (Chris Graham)
0004082: [core] Error about missing 'SOCIAL' language string (Chris Graham)
0004081: [core_cns] Performance tweak for member directory (Chris Graham)
0004078: [cns_forum] Error if adding forum poll answers over 255 characters in length (Chris Graham)
0004076: [core] Security error in parameterised queries (Chris Graham)
0004075: [core] Sitemap generation slow on sites with large numbers of Comcode pages etc (Chris Graham)
0004073: [core_feedback_features] Error in trackback display (Chris Graham)
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Released 2020-01-30
0004057: [core] main_multi_content block issues (Chris Graham)
0004064: [core] Behaviour of XHTML cleanup code is inconsistent with HTML5 cleanup algorithm (Chris Graham)
0004062: [core] Behaviour of required upload fields unclear when editing catalogue entry (Chris Graham)
0004061: [core] keep_theme parameter incorrect injected into AJAX scripts (Chris Graham)
0004060: [core] Pagination from main_multi_content block results in 1 repeated entry each time (Chris Graham)
0004059: [core] Issues with ratings (Chris Graham)
0004058: [catalogues] include_breadcrumbs has no effect on main_multi_content block for catalogue entries (Chris Graham)
0004056: [core_menus] Menu node children inclusion bug, if using keep_* parameters (Chris Graham)
0004055: [core_menus] Subtle menu bug on PHP 7.4 (Chris Graham)
0004051: [core] URL Moniker empty after saving and loading for edit (Chris Graham)
0004054: [core] InfoZip integration not working well (Chris Graham)
0004053: [core] Support IIS response codes in http.php (Chris Graham)
0004047: [catalogues] {CATEGORY_TITLE} has limited scope (Chris Graham)
0004046: [core] Error uploading certain image files (Chris Graham)
0004045: [core] Possible PHP 7.4 error in sources/site.php (Chris Graham)
0004042: [catalogues] Issues with Comcode fields, and multi-input fields (Chris Graham)
0004033: [core_cns] Error on PHP 7.4 when viewing usergroups (Chris Graham)
0004040: [core] Redirects should not be statically cached (Chris Graham)
0004038: [syndication] Static caching may interfere with iTunes detection for RSS feed (Chris Graham)
0004032: [core] Expanding boxes may not align correctly (Chris Graham)
0004036: [content_privacy] Major issues with content_privacy addon (Chris Graham)
0004035: [core] New-content notifications not sent if content_privacy bundled not installed (Chris Graham)
0004034: [core] Suppress error mails from SQL Server (Chris Graham)
0004031: [core_abstract_interfaces] PHP 7.4 error on some do-next screens ("Trying to access array offset on value of type null") (Chris Graham)
0004030: [polls] Poll chosen notification missing poll name (Chris Graham)
0004022: [cns_warnings] Usergroup field on warnings form should not be required (Chris Graham)
0004021: [core_feedback_features] Cannot get all RSS comments, don't try (Chris Graham)
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Released 2019-12-16
0004014: [downloads] Download thumbnail HTML slightly wrong (Chris Graham)
0004012: [core_form_interfaces] Inserting around WYSIWYG image elements not working (Chris Graham)
0004011: [core_cns] Club search results ugly (Chris Graham)
0004010: [core_database_drivers] SQL error running searches on some sites (Chris Graham)
0004009: [syndication] Copyright date shown incorrectly on RSS/Atom feeds (Chris Graham)
0004007: [core] Possibility of open_basedir error while searching for theme images (Chris Graham)
0004006: [core] Slight perf improvement in theme image search (Chris Graham)
0004005: [core] Slight alignment change on Firefox-Ubuntu (Chris Graham)
0004003: [core_rich_media] Comcode parsing via AJAX may not work for rare cases (Chris Graham)
0003999: [core] Match keys should not need zone or page included (Chris Graham)
0003998: [catalogues] Inconsistent catalogue category templating (Chris Graham)
0003995: [core] Mini-blocks should not run twice (Chris Graham)
0003992: [core] Stack traces must omit POSTed password (Chris Graham)
0003991: [core_rich_media] Comcode parsing may fail on safe mode if GeSHi addon installed (Chris Graham)
0003985: [core] "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" header may be duplicated (Chris Graham)
0003977: [core_addon_management] Exporting and importing addons (Chris Graham)
0003983: [commandr] Error creating duplicate 'file' in Commandr database directory (Chris Graham)
0003982: [core_forum_drivers] No working topic order sort on MyBB forum driver (Chris Graham)
0003981: [core_database_drivers] Broken NOT queries on XML DB driver (Chris Graham)
0003980: [core_database_drivers] Potential issues in Oracle and SQL Server DB drivers (Chris Graham)
0003979: [core_comcode_pages] All pages show as validated (Chris Graham)
0003974: [core_abstract_interfaces] Sort order is not propagated correctly through forum topic links (Chris Graham)
0003973: [core] Atom feed parsing issues (Chris Graham)
0003971: [core_cns] Member CSV import with default password may fail (Chris Graham)
0003970: [core] Filtercode not working for catalogue entries (Chris Graham)
0003963: [catalogues] Problem selecting older dates? (Chris Graham)
0003962: [catalogues] Undefined function: get_allowed_video_file_types (Chris Graham)
0003969: [core] Better handling of integer boundaries, esp for point charging (Chris Graham)
0003968: [core] Static cache should use Vary header with gzip compression (Chris Graham)
0003966: [banners] Banner network source-site detection broken (Chris Graham)
0003965: [core] HTTPS URL proxier does not correct detect what HTTP URLs can be upgraded (Chris Graham)
0003951: [setupwizard] Minor bugs in addon management code (Chris Graham)
0003950: [core] Member-level permissions are not considered in the block cache (Chris Graham)
0003893: [core_form_interfaces] URL fields failing to submit if containing relative URLs (Chris Graham)
0003947: [core] Problems with cURL HTTP downloader (Chris Graham)
0003946: [syndication] RSS Cloud assumes mail domain is main base URL domain (Chris Graham)
0003936: [cns_forum] Topics that are made private do not have proper notifications setup (Chris Graham)
0003935: [core] Curl uploads failing (Chris Graham)
0003930: [core] favicon URLs to should run https (Chris Graham)
0003913: [core] Do not e-mail "Too many words in a FTS phrase or proximity search" error to software developers (Chris Graham)
0003912: [news] RSS import assumes URL wrappers enabled (Chris Graham)
0003910: [galleries] Hard float-left of gallery media content is a bad assumption (Chris Graham)
0003909: [galleries] Default width/height does not work well for audio (Chris Graham)
0003907: [core_fields] List of directories with no index.html (Chris Graham)
0003906: [syndication] Gracefully handle hits to non-existent RSS hooks (Chris Graham)
0003905: [core] Do not log HTTP upload errors (Chris Graham)
0003904: [core] "Resource temporarily unavailable" error (Chris Graham)
0003902: [cns_forum] Error if marking a deleted topic unread (Chris Graham)
0003901: [downloads] Error viewing/previewing a download in a deleted category (Chris Graham)
0003900: [cns_forum] Broken forum grouping reference in DB will cause administrative crash (Chris Graham)
0003895: [core] If set_throw_errors is set, don't try and throw some kind of fatal error (Chris Graham)
0003889: [core_cns] Member CPF privacy settings not respected (Chris Graham)
0003894: [chat] Friends block does not show mutualship properly (Chris Graham)
0003892: [core_addon_management] Issue on addons list caused by corrupt-ish addons (Chris Graham)
0003888: [cns_cpfs] Poor UX on privacy settings member account tab (Chris Graham)
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Released 2019-09-26
0003879: [core_comcode_pages] Fix sitemap generation for Comcode pages on Demonstratr (Chris Graham)
0003878: [core] Error completing location CPFs if some were deleted (Chris Graham)
0003877: [helper_scripts] Git hook permissions may not be set well after switching branches (Chris Graham)
0003874: [core] HTTP implementation bugs (Chris Graham)
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