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0000113Composrcore_menuspublic2016-12-08 17:34
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Summary0000113: Menu editor easy-page-adding
DescriptionI want the Menu Editor to have an 'Add new Comcode page' icon shown underneath each zone in the Site-Tree. This doesn't actually create anything - it just:

 - asks the user the page name
 - ask for the target zone (via a dropdown, with intelligent auto detecting of the best zone based on what zone the menu editor was launched from and what zones the other links on the menu point to)
 - then auto-inserts the page-link (using _SEARCH for the zone bit) based on that name
 - and then explains that when they visit the page, they'll be invited to add the content for it.

To make this work better, I want Composr's "check permissions" menu feature to deny permission to anyone who does not have page-add access, if the page does not yet exist. Naturally, we'll want the 'Check permissions' box ticking for the menu option, to that this works right.
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