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Summary0000014: Page templates
DescriptionIncorporate the idea of "page templates" into the Add-New-Page Wizard.

The objective is to allow a user who is new to marketing, web architecture, and copywriting, to get good-quality standard-format/formula pages quickly onto their site, without having to go on a few courses to really understand all the different design disciplines and how they all fit together.

The user would get a choice of picking a template (or no template) during the Add-New-Page Wizard. If they picked a template, the appropriate template would be used as the default text for their new page.

The templates would be stored as Comcode pages inside data_custom/modules/pagewizard/*.txt. The wizard would construct it's selection as a simple list field, populating that list from the available files, and auto-detecting the template names by looking at the 'title' tag inside each page (retrieved via a regexp).

In Composr, if you try to go to a missing page, Composr gives you the choice to add that page. Ensure that if you follow a link like that, and the page name you are trying to add matches a template name, automatically use that template.
By this method we will be able to remove the following 4 pages in Composr that are bundled by default:
1) advertise
2) donate
3) help
4) guestbook (actually, the whole guestbook addon)
To do this, we need to remove the references to the files from the addon_registry hooks containing them, then delete the files from the git repository, and remove the references in our tut_configuration tutorial.
By removing these files, we can make default installs cleaner, while still giving people the option to create such pages if they want them.
Additional InformationCreate the following default templates...

Long copy pitch:
The above URLs give some idea of the kind of structure to use. Try and compress all the main points and flow used into a template form that probably follows some kind of example (maybe selling ACME widgets). The webmaster can then write on top of it, substituting for their own sales pitch.
The default call to action should be the 'main_newsletter' block, to get people to sign up to the newsletter.
Make use of the Composr 'pulse' Comcode tag.
Make use of the Composr 'highlight' Comcode tag.
Make use of the Composr 'main_countdown' block, to count down until the end of a special offer.

Short copy pitch:
Very simple structure: stating briefly what the solution is, benefits, video, then a quick call to action.
The default call to action should be the 'main_newsletter' block, to get people to sign up to the newsletter.
Make use of the Composr 'big_tabs' Comcode tag.
Make use of the Composr 'shocker' Comcode tag.
Make use of the Composr 'main_quotes' block, to show a random testimonial.
Have {+START,IF,{$EQ,{$_GET,version},1}}...{+END}{+START,IF,{$EQ,{$_GET,version},2}}...{+END} on there, to serve as a simple example of how split testing could be done (?version=1 or ?version=2 in the URL).
Have a note that the user may wish to consider putting in some code from some livechat software, to be able to do IM with potential leads.

Background info and mission, history, key staff

Make use of the Composr 'currency' Comcode tag.

Competitor comparison:
(Similar to pricing page)

Address, phone number, a Google map with a particular latitude/longitude marked out (just pick a famous landmark as a default example).

Web radio:

Inverted pyramid style

Press release:

Write some simple text that says donations are required to maintain what we do, and are all appreciated. Then put in some PayPal button code, using {$STAFF_ADDRESS} as the PayPal address.

Just write some simple text that says we sell advertising at custom rates, to contact us for details, then put in a main_contact_us block.

(help.txt already written, use this)

(guestbook.txt already written, use this)

Don't stress about getting everything perfect in the templates. I have linked to various designs, but we'll keep things relatively simple; the objective here is not so much visual design. The objective is to give people something to work from, not to build actual pages for them. Expect everything in the template to be rewritten. If a 'video' is wanted for example, just write something like "A video attachment goes here.", knowing the webmaster will follow your prompt and put one in. This said, try and use Composr's Comcode tags and blocks to make things fairly attractive, even some extra HTML and CSS in some cases - this is a good way for us to inject some of our nice layout features to give people quick value.
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