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Summary0001854: Support keyset pagination
DescriptionOffset pagination is slow when going into deep datasets.
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TagsType: Cross-cutting feature, Type: Performance
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related to 0003185 non-assigned Pagination indexing table specifically for forum topics 


Chris Graham

2015-07-18 10:07

administrator   ~0002960

See also 'search keys' In Tapatalk implementation.

Chris Graham

2016-06-22 23:38

administrator   ~0004064

This is now implemented for forum topics (not in Tapatalk though).

It's only worth doing for result sets with large numbers of records which are actively gone deep into. That could be 'news' or 'activities', but forum topics is by far the most common thing to have the issue.

Chris Graham

2019-11-18 21:20

administrator   ~0006160

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One problem with this is pagination becomes less user-friendly. IIRC we have to disable the 'last' button when using keyset pagination.

0003185 would be a better approach - and maybe we could even drop what we already have of this feature if we implement that.

EDIT: No, for 2 reasons...
1) actually I was able to implement a hybrid mode, where it does a pre-query to find the keyset ID even if one wasn't provided by URL, which is massively faster than using regular MySQL LIMIT clauses. This is best of both worlds and works great.
2) a background-generated pagination is not going to work for forumview, as each new post would invalidate it (posting in a topic changes the topic order on forumview)

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