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0002093Composrcorepublic2016-07-04 19:33
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Summary0002093: Phonegap framework
DescriptionHave a Phonegap-based Composr compiler/framework.

Phonegap has the following major advantages over a normal webapp:
1) Integration with some phone features that HTML cannot provide
2) More efficient, in terms of files being pre-saved onto the device, rather than always re-downloaded
3) Easier to navigate, no browser chrome (back buttons, address bar, etc)

It would work in conjunction with the "JavaScript-heavy" implementations, so that as much as possible would be stored on the client rather than having to be continually pulled from the web.

Functionality including...

1) Base implementation

2) Compiler bundles everything pre-cachable (JS, images, templates, static pages, etc) into something we can distribute and version through app stores.

3) Static pages would be generated from a live page when the project was compiled, by having the live page called up &keep_phonegap=static in the URL (allowing you to customise templates / comcode pages, to strip out live-data and replace it with 'Loading' markers). A $PHONEGAP symbol would need adding to allow a developer to detect this mode (similar to the current $MOBILE). $PHONEGAP also needs to imply $MOBILE.

4) Make use of the $PHONEGAP symbol in the default Composr, to allow a reasonable default native experience without a programmer strictly being needed. Includes removing admin links etc.

5) Integration with Composr Mobile SDK, so that parts of a mobile app could be Phonegap powered, while other parts would be native.

6) Make sure that things like geolocation work well through Phonegap, without having to ask HTML permissions to do it.

7) Automatic/easy enabling of device notifications.

8) Tie in recommend-site module to device contacts

9) If the Android menu button on a device is pressed, display the menu.

Documentation will be required. Apart from basic documentation...

a) Explain that native apps need programmers to customise and deploy, it's not as simple as installing Composr on web hosting.

b) Explain that while phonegap supports many platforms, packaging, testing, support, and approval will need doing for each - so you don't quite get each platform for the cost of one

c) Explain that native apps must be approved by Apple/etc, there's no guarantee, regardless of how much you invest or who you are

d) Explain $PHONEGAP symbol

e) Explain the benefits of Phonegap, as presented within this issue
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