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0002822Composrcore_cnspublic2020-03-28 01:07
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToPatrick Schmalstig 
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Summary0002822: Show private topic recipient on private topic itself
DescriptionIf you view a private topic then it shows the sender (as the submitter of the first post in said topic), but not the recipient. The only ways to know the recipient are:
1) If the recipient has already replied (i.e. you see it via their post) -- this is not full proof, as other invited members, or staff, might reply
2) If viewing the listing in the list of private topics (there are various places they can be listed - the top block, the side block, the main index screen within the forumview or members modules)

Consider adding a line clearly indicating the recipient at the top of the PT, and also all members who have been invited (if the other members aren't already shown, I can't remember OTTOMH).
TagsGood for training, Roadmap: v11, Type: Usability (major)
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related to 0000078 non-assigned Ability to leave a PT you were invited to 


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