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Summary0003065: Shipping costs: Multiple configurable options
DescriptionCurrently you can configure a base shipping cost, and a per unit weight cost.

However, you may want to have different shipping options - e.g. priority shipping.

Therefore remove the config options and instead have a module for configuring shipping options. The user would be able to select any shipping option they want

One of the shipping options would be the default, which the default catalogue_item's product would come through with (and hence the cart_order product too). But when the actual ecom_trans_expecting record was saved the shipping option would have been selected, so the right option saved into there, and also into the amended cart_order.
Additional InformationWe have existing code for this from a very old ocPortal 4.3 fork, attached. It needs a lot of re-working.
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parent of 0003066 resolvedChris Graham Composr Shipping costs: Shipping company APIs, and more complex calculations 
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