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0003745Composrcore_language_editingpublic2018-11-16 21:39
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Summary0003745: Better content translation queue UI
DescriptionThe current content translation queue UI is very primitive. It's really just text boxes with paginations and some sorting.

For a better user experience we can add:
1) Simple filter form to allow filtering by substring and priority and database table the string is used by (context)
2) Context display for each string - link to the view and edit screens for where the string comes from, or where that's not possible at least show table.field#key (e.g. config.config_value#description).

Working out context may be a performance problem. Maybe we would need to store which table a string back-links into, into a translate.cache_ref_table field. There'd need to be a cleanup tool to rebuild this information.
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