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0003909Composrgalleriespublic2019-10-19 22:16
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToChris Graham 
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Fixed in Version10.0.29 
Summary0003909: Default width/height does not work well for audio
DescriptionThe gallery system injects a default width/height if it cannot detect one for a 'video' (which may not actually be a video).

In the case of an audio file this means it is displayed poorly.

Detect the situation of attempting to render an audio media item with the configured default video width/height and revert it to a more sensible display width/height for an audio file.
Additional InformationIt's tricky to think how to solve this well.

We could make the video layer not set width/height for non-videos, but at the same time we want it to default for media it does not know about (which audio is a part of).

I think the fix is fairly sensible in that we handle it at the display layer, which does know more about the media than the video system does.
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