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0004190Composr alpha testing[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-03-30 20:30
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToPatrick Schmalstig 
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Summary0004190: Issue with jQuery-UI based date inputter
DescriptionOn all browsers other than Safari, the date/time inputs (e.g. on the calendar event add/edit form) will be native.
But as Safari doesn't support that, it uses a jQuery-UI based widget on top of a polyfill.

In core_form_interfaces.js, the polyfill is being controlled via...

    $cms.templates.formScreenInputDate = function formScreenInputDate(params) {
        if (!$ {
            window.jQuery('#' +{});
        if (!$ {
            window.jQuery('#' +{});

    $cms.templates.formScreenInputTime = function formScreenInputTime(params) {
        if (!$ {
            window.jQuery('#' +{});

Either test in Safari, or temporarily disabled the if conditions to always run.

Once testing you will see that the widget doesn't close when opened, and has an incorrect z-index value is incorrect relative to the Validated widget.
Additional InformationI just found this issue after updating jQuery UI, but confirmed it also happened prior to my update.
Likely Salman missed testing after his default theme overhaul.
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