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0004324Composrsearchpublic2020-07-16 04:00
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Summary0004324: Improve on tag (keyword) security
DescriptionThe side_tag_cloud block can now check validation and security permission, behind a block option.
The block option is provided to:
a) Not cause a performance impact, given these checks for each possible keyword instance is going to be very slow
b) Not assume everyone wants such checks

It would be good to put a 'validated' flag into the seo_meta_keywords table itself, so that validation checks could be performed quickly. An index would be put on the (meta_keyword, validated) pair.

Validation checks can then be done as standard, without the block option being needed.

The block option would then be reworded to only be for security checks and likely less desirable for people, as it is unlikely tag leakage is going to be an issue for non-accessible content so long as the content itself is not accessible. Especially because the webmaster may control what content types are used to generate the side_tag_cloud block.
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