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0000877Composrchatpublic2012-10-16 17:59
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Summary0000877: Chat overlays
DescriptionCurrently you can have site-wide IM via popup windows, which works well now. However some sites may also want overlays over the main window.

This is technically problematic to do well, and if done badly it would be much worse than the current popups.
Additional InformationRather than relying on AJAX to grab existing messages after page-load, this would need embedding within the main page-load to avoid an unsmooth experience - you don't want messages re-appearing only a second after the main page has loaded, it'd be taxing to use.

The IM area would need streamlining somewhat, to take less screen space. Preferably to fit within a panel width.

The design needs to be such that chats may be easily minimised rather than 'either kept or closed'.

Some efficient method of switching active conversations would be needed, perhaps combining it with chat minimisation in an accordion interface (i.e. you view one chat at a time, and clicking an accordion switches chat (unless already active, in which case minimises it).
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