Nested Cpf Csv Lists

Download: Nested Cpf Csv Lists

Chris Graham
12th January 2016

Nested Cpf Csv Lists


Added 12th January 2016

Allows complex chained dropdown choices of custom profile fields.

Set Custom Profile Field list fields to have a default value like countries.csv|country to source list options from CSV files under /private_data. You can set up chained list fields (e.g. chain a state field to a country field), via a syntax like countries.csv|state|countries.csv|country. You can use this with multiple CSV files to essentially use CSV files like normalised database tables…

Would be interesting to see working examples of this (and other addons) in the community chats. Would be a nice way to show them off.
Good idea. For this particular one though, it's very complex, I'm not sure I could get it working within an hour ;).
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