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What are addons?

Addons are new/changed features for Composr. Addons are organised by the version they are targeted for.

Apply some caution:
Community members are encouraged to submit addons. The addons don't need validating, except if for submitters in the lowest member rank (fan in training). Therefore you should also exercise some caution when installing these third-party addons.

Contributing addons

By submitting an addon, you are giving ocProducts permission to redistribute it – but also please consider specifying a licence in your download description.

If you think the addon will be broadly useful and would like to have it added to the auto-maintained non-bundled addons in git (or even the bundled code), go through the contribution process.

If you are not attaching a proper Composr addon (an exported TAR file), then please describe how the addon can be installed in the description.

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Admin Utilities
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Fun and Games
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Information Display
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New Features
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Themes provide a new look to Composr.Themes are a kind of addon. You can actually…
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Third Party Integration
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There are no entries at this time

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