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0001089Composrcommandrpublic2020-02-23 15:57
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToChris Graham 
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Summary0001089: Commandr-fs content hooks
DescriptionAdd a new abstract CRUD/REST-style internal content API via Commandr-fs.

Implement this for all the content_meta_aware and resource_meta_aware hooks, adapting the existing hooks to reference the new Commandr-fs for that hook. The content_meta_aware/resource_meta_aware hook must specify whether they are operating on directories (categories) or files (entries). i.e. we don't implement separate Commandr-fs hooks for category and entry types, they are shared by one hook, which handles them as directories and files.

Content-types will be uniquely identified by a URL moniker.

In order to facilitate quick and consistent implementation of the hooks, they will inherit from a superclass which defines some of this functionality automatically.

Our Commandr-fs objects should have the following methods, roughly...

class … extends commandr_fs_cma_bridge
    function find_id_by_context($context)

    function find_id_by_name_and_context($name,$context)

    function add($name,$context)

    function delete($id)

    // Most of the following will inherit, so actually will be defined in commandr_fs_cma_bridge

    function set_properties_via_cloning($id,$from_id)

    function set_properties_via_import($id,$file_path)

    function set_property($id,$key,$val)

    function set_content_access($id,$groups)

    function set_content_privileges_from_preset($id,$group_presets,$assume_full_group_coverage=true)

    function set_content_privileges($id,$group_settings,$assume_full_group_coverage =true)

    function set_content_privileges_from_preset__member($id,$member_preset)

    function set_content_privileges__member($id,$privilege,$setting)

    function find_cma_hook()

We need a function defined in the existing Composr content API…

function find_commandr_s_hook_for($content_type)

This allows easy integration of the existing content API, with the more sophisticated CRUD Commandr-fs API.
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Chris Graham

2013-04-11 00:22

administrator   ~0001354

While everything discussed here is done, there's some testing and detail work to be done for this, which has become Composr's new "Resource-FS" system. This is going to be finished in the next few days, but I'll put down here for reference...

 Do a search of a Resource-FS hook's structure if it fails to look up a label, to confirm it really is missing - but only if we don't have too much of that content type (i.e. a safeguard)
 Unit tests for resource-fs, life-cycle each resource type with lots of asserts (partially done, 'delete' ops not yet fully passing)
 Unit tests for aggregate content types (ACT), life-cycling
 Test ACT UI
 Test ACT in detail
 "Explicit move flag" used for Wiki+ page path, as currently prevents multi-categorisation of pages
 Make sure GUIDs are explicitly set/specified for the resources auto-created when a match failed (currently it's not done)
 Implement _folder.xml

Chris Graham

2013-04-17 13:16

administrator   ~0001366

^ all done

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