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0001380Composrcns_forumpublic2017-11-26 15:10
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Summary0001380: Show number of unread posts
DescriptionCurrently you can see if there are unread posts, or not. It would be nice if the actual number was indicated somewhere.
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2015-11-14 12:55

reporter   ~0003176

It would be nice to also see the number of "non-validated" posts and to click on that number and have them all display in a list that you could work through to either validate or not. If you miss the email advice that a post is waiting to be validated it is problematic.

Chris Graham

2015-11-14 12:58

administrator   ~0003177

Actually you can do that through Admin Zone /adminzone/?page=admin_unvalidated

Shows lists of all content that isn't validated

Chris Graham

2015-11-14 12:59

administrator   ~0003178

* Although, I just checked the code and I think probably it just gives post numbers, which isn't super-helpful - but does link through to edit form.


2015-11-14 13:20

reporter   ~0003179

Indeed teh post numbers are not that helpful and you would need to be able to click on the number and drill down I would think.

I might also suggest very few admins are dealing with validating posts and that designated moderators would probably deal with that task. In fact that reminds me that the settings to allow other groups to see unvalidated posts is not working. The only people currently who can see non- validated posts are full SITE administrators.

The particular setting in Global Privileges page 2 general settings
'See non-validated content, if directed to it'

How I read that is if you assign that permission to a group then members in that group should be able to see non validated posts.

Now I read it again I am not so sure that's how that permission is supposed to work.


2015-11-14 20:43

viewer   ~0003180

That permission refers to when content is viewed standalone, which a forum post never is.

"See links to non-validated content" is the relevant privilege I think. We'll rename that to "See links-to/embedded non-validated content" to make it clearer.

"See non-validated content, if directed to it" is for letting people link you to non-validated content explicitly
"See links to non-validated content" is for actually seeing non-validated content as if it were live on the site already (albeit marked as non-validated)

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