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Summary0001387: 2-factor-authentication
Description2-factor-authentication is really taking off, because people now carry smartphones and because hacking is increasingly an issue as people digitise more of their web behaviour.

It would be nice to have this as an option within Composr. Github has just made a nice implementation, that would be a good benchmark.
Additional InformationFor most websites, this is overkill. 2-factor-auth is most appropriate for things like e-mail services, friend networks, or coding services, where a hacker could really wreak havoc. Most individual websites aren't a key to that person's life. However, there are still plenty of Composr sites that do hold important details/connections, and this would be nice as an option.

Composr does already have 2-factor-authentication actually, because you can select IP confirmation by e-mail, against individual groups. However this is more of an admin feature than a user feature, and hacking someone's email may also be more viable than getting access to someone's physical smartphone or their 2-factor service account.
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