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0001720Composrcorepublic2018-03-13 01:03
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Summary0001720: End-user-suitable multi-site-installs
DescriptionComposr has multi-site-installs, as used by our demo-system, but it is not suitable for non-programmers.

There's a number of reasons...
 - Upgrader assumes a single database combined with a single set of files to be updated -- it would need to support upgrading all databases on the same network simultaneously. Currently this is solved via manually coded update scripts.
 - Addon segregation. Almost certainly non-trivial sites will want some kind of code customisations per-site. However currently multi-site-installs don't support overriding for code. This wouldn't be too hard to support, but we would need to be careful to avoid hurting performance via default extra disk searching for each code file.
 - Initial set up complicated. For our demo system we have a custom set of scripts to build out databases, as people request demos. We have no general-purpose UI for setting up sites.
 - Some admin features disabled. As Composr has various features for running code, these get disabled. Ideally this would be optional, and perhaps we could somehow have a standardised sandboxing system (recommended PHP environment) to make things safe.

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related to 0003326 resolvedChris Graham Robustness of addons 


Chris Graham

2014-11-11 18:57

administrator   ~0002323

Additionally addon installation would want to automatically target a specific site, rather than the base files. But perhaps entering the master password would allow you to override the behaviour.

Generally, use of the master password to unlock admin features may be another good solution, rather than trying to sandbox. Or maybe, in addition.


2014-11-11 22:44

reporter   ~0002326

This is why in Drupal, for which I am accustomed, all muilt-sites are placed in the core sites folder and specific site related addons go in each of the site folder as do templates and the all important settings file which directs to the database. This way the core features on the CMS are easily updated without affecting the individual sites then each individual site folder and database can be auto updated with drush. Actually all of it is updated with drush. Drupal like Composr has multisites where sharing database and users but across different sites as well as keeping them separate without the need for new installs for each site. Finally, I always use the same user and password to connect to all databases, being the root user of my VPS and simply switched in mysql to the one I was using. The settings file was happy to accept same user and pass for all as well as same admin and pass to access administration for each.


2014-11-11 22:54

reporter   ~0002327

If like me you run many sites of your own for different things like I have my art portfolio site, I have family sites I've made , I have business related sites and testing project sites as well as archive sites. The ones that are created on a cms I'd like to use the one cms and not as I have it now some drupal sites, some joomla and although I do really love drupal now I am making sites for others, it is not so easy for people with no experience to configure their own site in drupal. I have friends that want to share my vps space which makes sense because it helps me with the cost of it. I need to set up one cms for multiple sites. Composr is I am told the winner this year for best cms!

Chris Graham

2014-11-11 22:59

administrator   ~0002328

Thanks for the insights :)

Chris Graham

2018-03-13 01:03

administrator   ~0005576

"Addon segregation" will now be a lot easier due to 0003326.

I do want to note that the multi-site-install functionality (aka Demonstratr) is not the only way for Composr to support multiple sites via one install. You can also bind zones to domains, which is a lot simpler and supported out-of-the-box.

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