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Summary0001997: Add a permission: Trace origin of anonymous posts
DescriptionAt the Lovinity Community, we would love to have the option enabled for people to post anonymously on our forums and website. We are a site that may contain sensitive information given we are advice / wisdom sharing.

However, there's a vital problem with anonymous posting. Staff cannot easily trace the origins of anonymous posting. All they can do is trace the IP of anonymous posts (which could potentially lead to more than one member).

There needs to be a permission where staff can see (and punish) the username of who posted anonymous posts, for moderation purposes.

Optionally, I also feel there should be a way that you can unanonymize a post in the edit screen.
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Chris Graham

2015-10-02 22:31

administrator   ~0003115

Solution would be to add an action log entry with the ID and title of the topic, when an anonymous post by a logged in member is made.


2015-11-10 04:01

administrator   ~0003149

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Hardly anonymous if you do this. Sounds like you don't want to offer anonymous posts to me, or you are going to do so misleadingly. Surely you can moderate the posts themselves if not the member without any additional "tweaks". You should at least call them something like confidential posts if you make this change as they will no longer be anonymous.

Patrick Schmalstig

2015-11-10 04:09

administrator   ~0003150

Nothing is anonymous technically. But the reason I feel it is important staff know who posted anonymous posts is for moderation, security, and ultimately liability / legal. If someone posted an anonymous post, say, exposing the identity of one of the other member, it is vital to be able to easily identify the post to its member by staff to enforce the law and rules.

The purpose of anonymous posting is, or should be, to be anonymous from other regular users... Not staff.

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