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0002086Composrcorepublic2019-07-31 19:46
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Summary0002086: Manual reordering of content / Pinning
DescriptionCurrently content is ordered either via:
 - Hard coded assumption (e.g. for download categories it probably makes no sense to order by anything other than title, so we hard-code it to avoid bloat)
 - A *_default_sort_order config option with ability to override in UI
 - A *_sort_order config option (no ability to override in U)I
 - Catalogue category sort order is defined as above but per-catalogue
 - Catalogue entry order is defined by a choice of which catalogue field to order by

It is conceivable that individual content items may want to be given a custom order. This is not possible for anything currently except catalogue entries.
Manual ordering specialises into 3 cases:
1) No override (null order value) - uses ordering as defined in cases above
2) Override to a precedence value
3) Override to a negative value - displayed specially as "pinning"

The new ordering field would override any user-chosen/automatic sorting, notably:
 - main_multi_content (i.e. main content listings while browsing)
 - module content listing code that isn't already generated via main_multi_content
 - ajax_tree hooks (i.e. tree browse widget), and <select>-style selection lists
 - sitemap generation (i.e. menus etc)

An index would be needed for any new ordering field.

For pinning all the content box templates would have a "PINNED" parameter and show a pin icon (same as forum) for any pinned item.

We'd want to implement for: images, videos, galleries, download categories, downloads, catalogue categories, polls, news categories, news, quizzes.

I am skeptical whether we should implement this stuff, as it will bloat stuff up. We will be able to achieve announcements in various ways already (e.g. there's a config option to display one), we can have stuff pinned in main_multi_content etc (0003354), we have pinning especially for the forum, I don't think it really needs to be available as a general-purpose feature. Sure there are use cases - e.g. sponsored promotion, but that can be handled with banners anyway.

And if we do it we'll want to integrate with 0000786 to make this user-friendly, which will be a lot of work.
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