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0003354Composrcorepublic2020-03-07 21:21
ReporterChris GrahamAssigned ToChris Graham 
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Summary0003354: Tile-based activity feed
DescriptionUpdate the main_multi_content block, and turn it into the sole default block - with a new tile display mode. This will give a really simple, complete, and pretty default display, side-stepping a lot of customisation problems users have had in the past.

Render-style option: Feed, or now tile:
 - For tile display each item would be able to supply: Title, Description, Image
Feed organisation:
 - Pinned items (via being latest award holder; or active poll; or IOTD) [live data, works via hooks]
 - Upcoming (e.g. events) [live data, works via hooks]
 - Add-date based
Grouping where possible (e.g. 10 items added to a gallery)
Try and show a good variety of stuff to fill grid exactly (showing an exact number of items)

The Setup Wizard would put the block selection behind an advanced expander too.

main_multi_content block improvements:
 - move content_meta_aware to inherit from a base class that can do querying; anything accessing them must use that API rather than use properties directly
 - implement tutorials content_meta_aware hook
 - support multiple content types
 - support tile mode
 - make newsletter what's new use new content_meta_aware API
 - make RSS use new content_meta_aware API
TagsRoadmap: v11
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Time estimation (hours)10
Sponsorship open


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Chris Graham

2020-02-02 02:35

administrator   ~0006346

We need to take a serious look at the blocks in v11, as right now there are several new ones that seem to differ only by output templating. That should be a parameter difference in just one block.

Chris Graham

2020-02-23 00:43

administrator   ~0006444

Some changes:

I'm moving away from the 'feed' idea. Instead main_multi_content will have many different rendering modes, for different ways of rendering out the data model - i.e. it's based on data, not activity. So, there'll be no 'grouping'; instead galleries with recent new entries would be sorted higher for a new 'prominence' sorting mode.

"The Setup Wizard would put the block selection behind an advanced expander too."

I think this can stay, but instead the main_multi_content block will be on there and not much else by default. There are still other blocks main_multi_content won't deliver the functionality for.

Chris Graham

2020-02-27 21:43

administrator   ~0006447

This is now mostly implemented - the main_multi_content block can render tiles (and grids, and other modes). The frontend code needs a lot of work still though, and there's a lot of work to do to see if we can streamline how many blocks we have (see 0003929).

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