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Summary0002513: Error adding a Group on MSN
DescriptionBy all accounts I should be adding the group on the main site, although it has nothing to do with the main site I realise why it makes sense. However, I clearly can add a group to the MSN otherwise the option would not exist.
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2016-04-26 09:00


msn_add_group.png (28,617 bytes)
msn_add_group.png (28,617 bytes)


2016-04-26 09:04

administrator   ~0003759

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Adding a group on the main site seems to work, but when clicking edit groups to see the id, it results in the error that the group doesn't exist and has probably been deleted. Err, okay.

Chris Graham

2016-04-27 00:33

administrator   ~0003790

Both issues fixed

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