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Summary0002897: Inline Accessibility Auditor
DescriptionCreate a tool inside the WYSIWYG editor and inside the template editor that allows editors to audit what is inside of the editor for accessibility. Or, allow for accessibility testing via. Preview.

Make sure testing is W3C compliant.

Benefits: Users and staff, not just staff (via. web standards checking tool), can be informed of accessibility issues with their content. If users are not informed of such, then websites may contain content that is not W3C compliant due to user submissions. In addition, accessibility issues can be flagged before content is published.
TagsType: Accessibility, Type: Standards compliance
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Chris Graham

2016-10-25 03:21

administrator   ~0004470

Actually we already have it. You have to enable it in the configuration, then you can get a WCAG validation along with XHTML5 etc. I'll leave this here because it could be improved to be more user-friendly, with better adhoc configuraton.

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