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0002941Composrchatpublic2016-12-08 12:38
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Summary0002941: Expand blocking system to beyond just the IM
DescriptionExpand the capabilities of the blocking system beyond the IM system.

What this means is provide options for members to block other members from various things, such as IMing, sending or inviting to private topics, replying to or quoting forum posts of theirs, seeing their forum posts (implying guests would not have permission to see them), seeing or replying to topics started by the user, commenting or rating on any of their content, viewing any of their content (big permissions implication within blocks, modules, and addons that could take a while to code), or viewing their profile page.
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child of 0002940 non-assigned Strip friends and blocking system from chat addon; make into another addon (such as friendr) 


Chris Graham

2016-11-25 10:57

administrator   ~0004573

This would be an enormous amount of work in total, but it could be chipped away at. Particular IMing and private topics could be done fairly easily.
To hide topics we'd have to think carefully about performance because adding in an extra WHERE clause that depends on another table could be very deleterious on forums with 100k+ topics.

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