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0002942Composrchatpublic2019-03-02 13:57
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Summary0002942: Option to disallow blocking of staff and to disallow staff from blocking anyone
DescriptionMake two new options for the blocking system. Allow the ability for staff to prohibit the ability of members being able to block staff (communication blocking implication if they do), and to prohibit staff from being able to block any members (again, communication block implication... also widely considered unprofessional for staff to do).
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child of 0002940 non-assigned Strip friends and blocking system from chat addon; make into another addon (such as friendr) 


Chris Graham

2016-11-25 10:53

administrator   ~0004571

I agree about members blocking staff, but stopping staff blocking members seems like something a tiny minority of sites would need - as if you can't trust staff to be sensible, you can't trust them as staff at all. I can imagine legitimate situations where someone is annoying a particularly busy member of staff but not directly breaking site rules.

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