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0003188Composrcore_rich_mediapublic2018-02-07 21:12
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Summary0003188: Allow disabling the feature where deleted attachments automatically get put back
DescriptionIf you attach a file, then delete the Comcode reference for it, then preview (without reloading the whole editor), it comes back at the end of the post.

This is an intentionally feature for people who accidentally (or intentionally) erase attachments from the post, but do actually still want it on the end (like a normal 'attachment' might be expected to be).

Currently the feature auto-disables for simplified-attachments-UI. Make an option so you have full control of it.

I think either setting may confuse people, it's very much personal preference.
Additional InformationThis code:

            } elseif ((!browser_matches('simplified_attachments_ui')) && (strpos($comcode, ']new_' . $matches[1] . '[/attachment]') === false) && (strpos($comcode, ']new_' . $matches[1] . '[/attachment_safe]') === false)) {
                if (preg_match('#\]\d+\[/attachment\]#', $comcode) == 0) { // Attachment could have already been put through (e.g. during a preview). If we have actual ID's referenced, it's almost certainly the case.
                    $comcode .= "\n\n" . '[attachment]new_' . $matches[1] . '[/attachment]';
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