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Summary0003467: Support Unicode BOM markers
DescriptionMake functions to insert BOM markers into text files, and to strip them and convert to the correct character set.

cms_file_put_contents_safe and cms_file_get_contents_safe should have bitmask options for using this processing.

Every fopen call should also be reviewed.

And every HTTP call.

Search the code for this pattern to make sure the code is converted to use the new functions:
chr(hexdec('EF')) . chr(hexdec('BB')) . chr(hexdec('BF'))

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TagsRoadmap: v11
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related to 0003032 non-assigned Bulletproof spreadsheet importing 


Chris Graham

2018-02-19 02:09

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We also need to add coding standards. I think we have one about line endings already, add about supporting/stripping BOMs properly, and about making any of our own files ASCII (so charset independent). Document the new rule that we can assume any of our own files (i.e. not user-modifiable) will not need any extra checks.

Also add ones relating to 0003032.

EDIT: Partly done in "Code formatting" part of codebook_standards.

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