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Summary0003662: Allow main_multi_content block to select by tag
DescriptionSelect all content by searching for use of a tag, rather than category.
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Chris Graham

2018-08-05 14:16

administrator   ~0005785

KingBast - I think this is a better version of what we discussed. Rather than having to fudge some Tempcode symbol into the Comcode of some entry, you just write in a tag in a normal way. Then when adding the associated entry, you either put a main_multi_content block in the Comcode for that entry referencing the tag, or you do the same via a template.

E.g. you add some news about the band 'pentatonix' so you tag the news with that. Then when you add a catalogue entry for that band, you have your CATALOGUE_band_ENTRY_SCREEN.tpl template with something like {$BLOCK,block=main_multi_content,tag={FIELD_10}}. That's assume field 0000010 contains the tag version of the band's name.

Would be good for us to do a tutorial showing this.

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