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Summary0003699: Enhanced control of dates during validation
DescriptionWhen you go to some non-validated content, either through the admin_unvalidated module, or an e-mail notification about non-validated content, open up the edit form in a special validation mode.

Instead of a validated checkbox, have a series of radio buttons:
1) Edit but leave non-validated
2) Validate as fresh (set add-time as now) [the default]
3) Validate silently (leave original add-time with no edit-time)
4) Validate noisily (leave original add-time and set edit time)

The last option, 4, is the current behaviour. If selected then it will not do anything special. If 2 or 3 are selected then the meta-data date fields will be marked disabled.
Additional InformationOriginal description:

Do Not "Save news items until validated

Currently, news items are saved at the time they were created, even if they were not validated at that point. As a result, if later on, they are edited then validated, the article retains the creation date and also has an "Edited On" notice at the bottom.
What if there's a "Save as Draft" option when adding news items, or a least a configuration option that enables a reset of the News creation time to the time it was validated?
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Chris Graham

2018-10-08 02:03

administrator   ~0005829

Currently you can control this via editing metadata (on the same edit form), but I agree with you. I'm going to give this thought and edit the issue a bit to reflect what I think's the best approach.

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