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0003718Composrcataloguespublic2018-10-29 23:53
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Summary0003718: Codenames being set as Meta tags
DescriptionCodenames are being set as Meta tags (despite having no visibility). The Meta tags are broken up halves of the codename (not sure what causes the break). Perhaps codenames should be set to read only when viewing the edit screen or not be shown. Not sure why anyone would want to edit a unique codename.
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related to 0003722 resolvedPatrick Schmalstig Don't split up codename fields when scanning for words 
related to 0003725 resolvedPatrick Schmalstig Allow configuring what fields are scanned for possible keywords 


Chris Graham

2018-10-29 23:53

administrator   ~0005849

If anything's to be done here, it needs to be reopened as separate and more detailed issues, and it would be feature requests.

I tested a codename field and it didn't split up. It might if I used a dot in it. The fields aren't treated differently from others - it identifies words. So you might add a feature request to request codename fields do not be split up even if they look like multiple words.

All fields are used for keyword fields, regardless of visibility. I think it would be a wrong assumption that keywords should only be drawn from visible fields. A feature request might be considered to determine which fields are scanned for keywords.

Codenames being read only would also have to be a separate issue. It would need to be configurable, as it's perfectly normal that someone may want to change a codename. For example, a SKU may have been wrongly input, product codenames may have been changed, or all kinds of things.

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