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0003734Composrcore_language_editingpublic2018-11-10 21:46
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Summary0003734: Easy/Automated marking as not needing translation
DescriptionWhen going through the translation queue you'll find stuff that does not need translating.

Some of this stuff can be auto-detected. These could be automatically copied across translations at content add/save.
1) {!EXAMPLE} [language string references are inherently multi-lingual]
2) 12345 [numbers without formatting are world-recognised]

Some of it would be manually detected. Example:
1) ABC-123-456
A simple "Mark as not needed translation" button would help speed things up.

We could also develop a hook system so people could extend automatic recognition of what doesn't need translating.
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Chris Graham

2018-11-10 21:46

administrator   ~0005879

Bulk selection would be good actually.

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