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0003743Composrcorepublic2019-12-24 18:42
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Summary0003743: E-mail drip sending
DescriptionNewsletters support drip sending (sending out emails over an extended time).

The regular mail queue does not. Which may be an issue for people using mailing list integration with large numbers of users, and an outgoing email provider who don't like spikes in outgoing activity.

Re-factor the newsletter's drip send options to be shared with the mail queue (possibly - or otherwise add new options).
TagsRoadmap: v11, Type: Avoiding e-mail spamblocks
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Patrick Schmalstig

2019-12-24 17:15

administrator   ~0006247


Which of the following would you like me to do?
A. Mail queue utilizes newsletter_drip_send, making newsletter a required dependency of mail queue if you want to use drip sending.
B. Construct mail queue's own separate drip sending hooks and tables.
C. Pull out all of newsletter's drip sending code and turn it into its own separate source / module, which then both newsletter and mail queue will use if installed.

Chris Graham

2019-12-24 18:42

administrator   ~0006258

This is a stupid poorly-written-up issue.
The max_queued_mails_per_cron_cycle option was already implemented in

That is all that was really needed.

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