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0003769Composrcore_rich_mediapublic2019-06-27 17:57
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Summary0003769: Reconsider how media images are handled
DescriptionHave noticed the simple css is not included in the latest release.

[itemprop="articleBody"] img {
   max-width: 100%;
   height: auto;

Without it uploaded images if not manually adjusted will exceed the width of the container.

Also would it be possible to that is an image is reduced in dimensions in a news post to have allow it to be clicked on and have a modal popup.
TagsRoadmap: v11
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Chris Graham

2019-01-27 04:09

administrator   ~0005916

It would need to be...

[itemprop="articleBody"] img:not([width]):not([height]) {
   max-width: 100%;
   height: auto;

Otherwise if you explicitly scale with a height (expecting the width to be automatically kept in proportion), it'll get skewed.

We already do this if the 'attachment' CSS class is present, which is the case for attachments that are set with 'framed'.

We can consider doing it more broadly. In such a case though, it shouldn't just be considered for news, it should be considered as a general rule.

Adding a link to make the full image open in an overlay would be thorny. The presence of such a link would depend on screen size, so JavaScript would need to be involved. And then, we don't necessarily want to assume it, so it would need to be a media setting (some people will just want images to be 'responsive', i.e. scaled with the pixels available but not caring about the image being expandable). But if we make it a media setting, we have to take into account media settings are not available by default for images in WYSIWYG because they are immediately set to 'WYSIWYG editable' and with no media setting dialog (for simplicity). At least OTTOMH that's what happens.

Really to approach this well we should consider the full set of use cases for how people might use images, and how to make those properly configurable without adding too much cognitive overhead to the settings.

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