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Summary0003792: Host on geo-distributed ARM cluster
DescriptionThis is a crazy idea, but it would certainly push the limits of Composr and make us eat our own dog food regarding operating at scale.

We could set up Composr to run via very low-power ARM machines, such as this:

And then have these machines distributed around the world in the homes of people with high speed Internet connections.

We'd have to make sure Composr was capable of asynchronous replication by doing things like switching to GUIDs instead of auto-increment IDs. We'd have to set up geo-based DNS. We'd probably want to delete all private messages and support tickets and work on an "open data" model. Password hashes and exposed email addresses would be a concern, but maybe we could switch all logins to the new W3C browser-based login standard.

I'm not sure how viable this all would be, but it would be super-cool and innovative.
Additional InformationPower cost may be about $50 per year, it would not be a lot.
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2019-03-21 22:28

administrator   ~0005942

Sign me up. For the globalisation of Composr, not the eating dog food part.

Chris Graham

2019-12-08 03:20

administrator   ~0006208

One thing I like about this is that it subverts a lot of the enterprisification of CMSs we see - lots of other big CMSs are largely driven by the concerns of large enterprises who are building sites on complex and very expensive server architectures, with lots of programmers and architects to set this up. This drives the very culture, with a lot of decisions and activity all orbiting this kind of set up. Also highly paid people are incentivised to set things up to require their skill, rather than to remove the need for it. There's something very exclusive about it, and introduces a requirement to get big investments to drive what's going on, which has a corrupting effect often.

Composr has always been about putting the power in the hands of the little guy. I'd like them to be able to achieve similarly complex geo-scale websites without all the costs of that.

Chris Graham

2020-03-28 01:01

administrator   ~0006492

One obvious problem with this is we'd need to take out anything private from - private topics, non-public forums, support tickets, etc. So I'm not sure if that's practical. Maybe separate private stuff onto a different centralised site, but that's a lot more work.

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