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0003793Composrhealth_checkpublic2019-06-17 16:09
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Summary0003793: Customisable regexps checks for pages to pick up on style issues
DescriptionVery commonly you have conventions for how things are worded, or common mistakes in HTML when using a WYSIWYG editor.

1) A multi-word proper noun needing nbsp entity rather than spaces
2) Accidental double spacing using nbsp entity
3) Accidental white-space at end of a line
4) ... or a page
5) Forgetting to include TM/C/R symbols after certain words, or not putting them in superscript
6) Lines that are just white-space (like a paragraph with nbsp in)
7) Inconsistent use of full-stops at the end of list items
8) Inconsistency with word style, e.g. e-mail vs email, or vice-versa (depending on what is the determined standard)
9) Fake lists (i.e. not using proper HTML markup)
10) Fake bold, e.g. wrapping *asterisks* around words, or making things ALL CAPS.
11) Inline styles
12) Inline JavaScript
13) Incorrect use of smart quotes
14) Incorrect use of hyphenation (maybe you want – rather than -, for example)
15) Poor use of <span>s setting font size or face. E.g. setting the size twice, in terms of nesting or sequentially. E.g. just changing the size of some white-space.
16) Fake headings, making a whole paragraph bold with no terminating full stop
17) Horrible markup from Microsoft Word or similar (detect ugly patterns, like setting margins on paragraphs or weird classes)
18) Non-semantic HTML tables, i.e. no <th> elements

You should be able to configure any number of regexps to spot these issue. Some would be defined as notices, others as warnings.

As these issues are things usually a developer will pick up on, rather than a typical content editor, probably it should be handled in an .xml file, similar to fields.xml. Then the programmer can easily amend it without having to sync any DB-based config changes from their dev server to a live server.
Additional InformationWe could also take a look at
Maybe we could integrate with it if it is installed.
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Chris Graham

2019-06-17 16:09

administrator   ~0005966

Mostly implemented. Grammar checking is probably best done in an external tool, for now at least.

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