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0003800Composrcore_themeingpublic2019-06-27 14:03
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Summary0003800: Support dark mode in default theme
DescriptionSee Safari's announcement:

You can make a website light/dark based on media queries. This would be a really cool feature for Composr's default theme.

Currently it's non-standardised.

What is exciting to me is that this may be cool enough to persuade people that they need minimal override-level customisation on their theme - if the default theme is so cool that it can integrate natively with dark mode, with a number of theme options to provide customisation, people may feel that things are already great enough not to make a big investment in further customisation (which is difficult for many people and complicates upgrades).
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2019-06-11 14:58

viewer   ~0005964

Popularity has picked up, Firefox and Chromium now support it.

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