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0003813Composrcorepublic2019-11-14 21:34
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Summary0003813: Support Google Translate API v3

They offer a free tier (I don't believe they did so before).
They provide support for defining terms... so we could provide some kind of editable master-list of terms that should not be translated.
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related to 0003540 non-assigned De-Googleificiation (idea staging issue) 
related to 0000264 resolvedChris Graham Switch to Bing translate 


Chris Graham

2019-07-08 16:15

administrator   ~0006027

Actually the free tier is a pain - you need to put in credit card information, and they'll charge you if you go over a threshold. You can probably put limits on your keys to avoid that, but I don't think we should expect any users to need to risk paying for stuff for inbuilt Composr functionality.

Better to consider integrating other translate APIs, here are the options I've found:
 - Microsoft (best choice IMO)
 - Yandex
 - IBM Watson (I don't trust it to continue to work reliably TBH, as it's translation API is a minor player)

Chris Graham

2019-07-08 16:28

administrator   ~0006028

Currently the 'translation' v11 unit test is failing as our free Google API year expired.
I plan to fix that by making the Composr v11 translation API support multiple backends, using hooks, as I did for the weather API.
I'm not sure what we'll do with the Google part of it - probably I'll keep testing working by moving our API key onto a paid tier with low usage limits, so it doesn't trigger a fee.

Chris Graham

2019-07-30 01:58

administrator   ~0006058

The v3 API requires 'service accounts', not API keys, making it more complex (asking anyone who's not a programmer to setup service accounts is too much IMO, especially because with API keys we can share a key across multiple APIs). It is also still in beta. So we can forget that for now at least.

Chris Graham

2019-07-30 17:22

administrator   ~0006059

Bing Translator support is now added. So a user can choose between Google Translate, or Bing Translator.

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